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for Windows PC, and Palm & Windows Mobile PDAs. Version 3.34, Sept 2011.




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Version history of Locate III

Version 3.34 Sept/2011
 - fixed bug in Windows: weird combination of bearings gave location error and stopped from estimating further locations

Version 3.33b May/2009
 - Windows WM: fixed bug: occassional errors in syncronizing

Version 3.33a Sept/2009
 - Windows, Windows WM: fixed bug: occassional errors in directory naming

Version 3.32 Aug/2009
 - Windows: fixed bug: sometimes incorrect directory accessed for Windows Mobile PDA data

Version 3.31 May/2009
- fixed bug: sometimes PDA type and usernames/device names became mixed up - thus, Windows Locate could not access PDA data
- Windows Mobile PDA: added ability to use internal GPS
- PDA: plot current location in plotting screen even if have not saved this as a bearing. Thus you can more easily track where you are compared to animal locations, especially if you are using an internal GPS.

Version 3.30 April/2009
- ported Locate III to the Windows Mobile PDA
- added export from Windows Locate to GIS Import files for locations

Version 3.22 April /2008
- Palm PDA - added capability to connect to GPS using Bluetooth

Version 3.21 Dec/2006
- fixed bug: when reading in bearings, sometimes Locate gave error if variable 'use' was not in the bearings file

Version 3.20 Dec/2006
- fixed bug: bearing plots had not showed declination (location calculations were correct)
- fixed bug: after global recalcation (Options/Estimation/Calc all locations now) had not redrawn plot

Version 3.19 Oct/2006
- bugs fixed for older Palm OS versions
- added ability to remove nag-screen from Windows Locate

Version 3.18 May 25/2006:
- hotsync errors for some Palm PDA models - fixed

Version 3.17 Feb 22/2006:
- WinLocate:
-  added flexible data input - define your own format
-  now is shareware
-  when pasting from clipboard, increase # of data rows if needed
-  changed Join command in bearings file to join all locations
-   toggle 'used' column on/off using spacebar
-   faster program exit
- Palm: changed simulation to Windows fonts

Version 3.16 Sept/2005:
- Palm: increased # of animals to 100

Version 3.15: Aug 17/2005:
- added support for new  Palm Universal connector cable
- Palm: fixed bug in color display of Stations and Bearings screen
- WinLocate now checks for duplicated bearings file numbers

Version 3.14: Aug 1/2005:
 - Palm: fixed bug: x/y coordinates had been reversed when getting coordinates from a GPS receiver

Version 3.13: July 15/2005:
 - Palm: added support for Garmin iQue 3600

Version 3.12: July 4/2005:
 - Palm: fixed bug: when defining a new animal, sometimes data overwrote other animal's data

Version 3.12: June 30/2005:
 - Palm: fixed bug:problems with accessing help file, and files for converting lat/long to UTM had been.

Version 3.11: May 5/2005:
 - Windows: fixed bug: when changing bearings, then when plot options were set to plot all locations, then plot of currrent location was not updated (data was updated).

Version 3.10: April /2005: first shipping version

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