Radiotelemetry Triangulation Program

for Windows PC, and Palm & Windows Mobile PDAs. Version 3.34, Sept 2011.




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Palm and Windows Mobile Locate III now free


Locate III for the Palm and Windows Mobile PDA

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Easy To Use

Palm Locate III is designed by a field biologist for field biologists who need easy telemetry data entry and triangulation while still in the field.

The easy to use Palm Locate III:

Powerful and Flexible

Because Palm Locate III is easy to use and runs on a handheld PDA does not mean it is restricted in power or is inflexible.

The powerful and flexible Palm Locate III:

·       you don't need to enter your location - this automatically comes from a plugged-in GPS receiver

·       calculates location automatically so to as to know whether to take more bearings or not

·       keeps data separate for each animal

·       just tap buttons to select animals

·       displays a background map so that you can see your location relative to the animal's

·       then can view/plot etc using WinLocate

·       if you use the same spots to get bearings, then you just tap buttons to select predefined telemetry stations

·       hotsync and automatically transfer data to PC computer. No need to type them in again

·       uses the same stations and background maps as you have on your PC

·       can edit or define new stations and animals in the field

·       PC and Palm remember which data has been changed - thus you can change data on both and automatically merge the data

·       use several Palm PDAs on the same project, and merge all the data together on your PC

·       keeps data separate for each animal

·       automatically calculates all locations at once, or recalculates

·       automatically calculates a bearing error from all locations, and then apply this to future locations




·       runs on Palm handheld PDAs with Palm OS 3.0 or later

·       or on Windows Mobile PDAs version 5.0 or later

·       requires at least 2 mB of free RAM

·       connects to any GPS receivers that are NMEA-compatible

·       can find the location of 2 to 50 bearings at once

·       the number of stations is limited by memory only

·       the number of map points is limited by memory only

·       uses Maximum Likelihood, Huber and Tukey location estimators



Windows Mobile PDAs

**There is are some limitations to Locate III on Windows Mobile PDAs:

·       You cannot sync more than one Windows Mobile PDA with each PC. This is a limitation of Microsoft's ActiveSync, which connects that PDA to the PC .

·       If your PDA contains an internal GPS, then Locate III may or may not  be able to directly use it, depending on how the manufacturer has implemented the GPS . If not, then in order to get GPS locations into Locate III you will have to run a GPS program, write down the x,y location coordinates (make sure you use UTM coordinates and not latitude and longitude), go back to Locate III and enter them. Yes we realize that this is very awkward.




Using GPS receivers