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History of Locate

Locate I

In 1987 I started working on a large field project in the Yukon, Canada. We had up to 120 radios in the field at one time, radioing snowshoe hares, lynx, coyotes, goshawks, great horned owls, spruce grouse, and red squirrels. With this many radios we did not take the time to plot our locations immediately after measuring our bearings, and soon collected a large backlog. I developed Locate to take care of some of that backlog and to ensure that we kept up in the future.

Locate II

Other biologists found Locate useful and so I improved the interface to make the program as intuitive and easy to use as possible, and introduced Locate II in 1990. Being the first graphical triangulation program, Locate II became the standard program for triangulation for wildlife biologists. However during the 1990's my research drifted away from using telemetry, and thus I did not update Locate II. It slowly slipped away into old age, until in 1998 it was placed into the public domain. (Download Locate II).

Locate III

In 2000 I spent a year of sabbatical research in New Zealand. There I was involved with a project studying dispersal of stoats. I was riding along a track on a quad (New Zealand slang for a four-wheeled ATV), stopping every now and then to get bearings on our radioed stoats and my own locations with a GPS. I marvelled at how accurate the GPS coordinates were, since the US had just removed selective availability. Inexpensive, small GPS receivers were now actually useful to wildlife biologists! I wrote down the GPS coordinates and drew little diagrams in my fieldbook to see whether I needed to go elsewhere to get more bearings. It then struck me - why am I doing this all by hand in the field? Why not program a Palm Pilot (as they were then known) to do this? So I adapted the ideas behind Locate II, to write Locate III - a version for a handheld Palm PDA and a windows-based PC.

Windows Mobile

The market has changed for PDA units. Initially most used the Palm operating system, but this has shifted over to Windows Mobile. Thus in early 2009 we ported Locate III to the Windows Mobile operating system.

Vilis Nams