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For any questions, first search through the following FAQ to see if your question has been answered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.     How do I make sure that the PC and PDA have the same data?
When you sync your PDA, all changes made to data on your PC and your PDA are automatically transferred.

2.     How do I connect the Palm PDA to the GPS receiver?
You need a cable specific for your model of Palm PDA and your GPS receiver. See GPS for more on this.

3.     What is a 'NMEA' compatible GPS receiver - how do I know if have one?
NMEA is a standard protocol for sending information from a GPS receiver to other devices. Most (i.e. we don't know of any that don't) GPS receivers can use this protocol. Look in the manual for your GPS receiver to find out how to tell it to switch it into this mode. Many of the Garmin GPS receivers have been tested with LocateIII. Please let us know which ones you have tested.

4.    Which PDAs can Palm Locate run on?
There are two types of PDAs - those that use the Palm OS and those that use the Windows Mobile. These are split about 50:50 in the marketplace. Palm Locate will run on any PDA uses the Palm OS, version 3.0 or later, and Windows Mobile version 5 or later. It will likely work with earlier versions that 5, but it has not been tested. If you are concerned about whether your PDA will work, try the demonstration version before committing yourself to purchasing it. However not all PDA's will connect to a GPS. See GPS for more on this.

5.     Why shoudn't I use Locate on two PDAs at the same time that have the same username/device name?
The Palm and Windows Mobile Hotsync systems use the username/device name to keep track of which data has been changed and which data has been transferred. If you use two PDAs with the same username simultaneously then the data will be terribly mixed up between the PDAs and the PC. The only way you can use identical usernames is if one unit is a backup, or a replacement for another. See FAQ #7 and 8 for more information

6.     My Palm Locate license is only for one Palm PDA. What can I do about a backup unit in the field?
You can have other Palm PDAs for backup. Every time you hotsync, all the information from your PDA is placed on your PC. If your main PDA crashes, then name your new PDA the same name as the previous one. The first time you hotsync the new one, all data that had been on the old one as of the last hotsync, will be transferred to the new one.

7.     I have bought a new PDA. How do I transfer my data, Locate III, and the license, to the new one?
You can transfer these if the new one is the same username as the old one. First, hotsync your old PDA. Then hotsync your new one. Everything will go onto your new unit. But, don't intermix the old and new one from then on - your data will get mixed up.

8.     I had to perform a hard reset on my PDA. Now Locate does not work.
When you do a hard reset on your PDA then many of the programs are either removed or important files are lost. You need to re-install Locate. First, save all of your data in Windows Locate III to files. Exit Locate III. Then re-install Locate III on your PC. Then hotsync with your PDA. If your previous data is not in Windows Locate then load it from your saved files. Hotsync again.

9.     What is a "PDA username"?
This is a name for the PDA that you set when your first set it up. The hotsyncing software can handle more than one PDA per PC, but it needs to know which PDA is which - thus the username.

10.   What is a "PDA device name"?
This is a name for the Windows Mobile PDA that you set when your first set it up. To change your device name, click Settings/System/About/Device ID, and then change the Device Name.

11.   What is 'hotsyncing' or 'ActiveSyncing'?
Your new PDA comes with sofware for your PC. After installing the software, then you can automatically transfer information between your PC and PDA using the connector cable. This process is called 'hotsyncing'. Whenever you hotsync then any changes in data on either your PC or PDA are automatically transferred. Active Syncing is Microsoft's name for this.

12.   How do I cite Locate III?
Nams, V. O. 2006. Locate III User's Guide. Pacer Computer Software, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada.

13.   Why are the PDA versions now free?
We have found it difficult to support this version of Locate because Windows Mobile PDA manufacturers differ widely in how they implement the Windows Mobile operating system specifications. It has become frustrating both for us and for users of Locate III. This why we have decided to stop selling the PDA version of Locate, and release it to be used freely. We will continue to supply technical help to people who have purchased these versions in the past. We will also give help to those who use the free versions, but we cannot guarantee they will work.

14.   My GPS connection for a Windows Mobile PDA doesn't work.
Try changing the hardware port as follows:
tap on Start >  Settings > System tab > External GPS icon > Hardware tab and set the > GPS hardware port to COM2 (or some other ports)

15.   Locate on my a Windows Mobile PDA crashes after getting locations from my PC.
Uncheck the "turn off GPS automatically" option in your GPS settings.

16. I cannot syncronize my Windows Mobile PDA to my PC:
(i) When you sync your PDA, look on your PC look in the ActiveSync window (if it is not visible, then click on the ActiveSync icon in the lower left). If you do not see "Pacr" in the list of items, then in your ActiveSync window, click on Tools/Options, and then look in the Options tab. Do you see Pacr listed here? If so, check it, and see if it syncs now
(Ii) delete Locate, from your PDA, syncronize, and then re-install without Examples .