Radiotelemetry Triangulation Program

for Windows PC, and Palm & Windows Mobile PDAs. Version 3.34, Sept 2011.




PDA version


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New! - Palm and Windows Mobile versions now free.

Windows PC



·        runs on Windows PC, Palm PDA and Windows Mobile

·        calculates locations with 95% error ellipses

·        uses Maximum Likelihood, Huber and Tukey location estimators

·        can transfer data automatically back and forth from PC to Palm PDA

·        after entering a bearing, plot the location to see if you need to get more bearings

·        locations are drawn over a background map of your study site

·        use a GPS connected to Palm PDA

·        easy data entry on Palm PDA by tapping screen


How  it  works


Easy To Use

Locate III is designed by a field biologist for field biologists who do not have the time to learn complicated computer commands.

The easy to use Locate III:

Powerful and Flexible

Because Locate III is easy to use does not mean it is restricted in power or is inflexible. Locate III can handle large data sets and adjust features to meet your needs.

The powerful and flexible Locate III:

·        can define stations that you return to frequently

·        while entering data, it gets station definitions automatically

·        plots bearings and locations automatically

·        keeps data separate for each animal

·        calculates all locations at once

·        enables spreadsheet-type editing of all data on PC

·        has a thorough help file that provides back-up information, examples, and an overview of triangulation

·        automatically estimates an overall bearing error, and then applies it to your data

·        can import bearings, stations, maps

·        will plot one or many locations at once

·        cut, copy, paste data to/from other windows applications

·        can hold as many bearings, stations and map points as your computer's memory will allow

·        can save data in user-defined formats

·        can recalculate all locations at once if you change any parameters

·        will allow you to change the display of all information on PC - column widths, order of display, etc